Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things a writer should never do

This might seem like an easy way out today (all right, it doesn't just seem, it is an easy way out!) but I'm simply going to give you a link to a Writer's Digest article I saw recently - 15 things a writer should never do:

Apart from it being too good not to share, I'm currently bogged down in a problem which needs resolving in the last couple of chapters of my WIP. It's one of those scenarios which seem fine when you first think about it, but which doesn't actually work when you come to write it! All my waking thoughts (and possibly my sleeping thoughts too) during the past two or three days have revolved around solving this, so I couldn't come up with an idea for a blog today. That's my excuse anyway!

Hope you enjoy the article.


  1. Good idea to use a link sometimes, Paula! Hope you fix the problem.

  2. Thanks for link, will take a look. Keep on battling! :)

  3. You'll solve your Guy problem, Paula!

  4. Thanks for sharing the article.

    Those days of getting so caught up in whatever it is that we're working on so much that it takes every waking and sleep thought are those days we writers live for!

    Good luck resolving the issue!

  5. Thank you all! I'm still trying to work out a feasible solution to the problem that isn't as complex as the one I originally though of!

  6. Great article! And good luck with the problem.