Sunday, October 13, 2013

Got a tip (or trick) on world building?

Ana asks for help on world building for a series.

We create a 'world' for each book we write. Stand alone stories end with a HEA, but a series needs more continuity:
Setting details. Who lives where and how you get there.

 Character descriptions. Hair and eye color, build, choice of clothing and accessories.

Have you discovered a useful tip or trick to keep these details straight and organized? Easily accessible?   Modifiable?

What details are important to keep in a 'bible'?
A series could go on for years.


  1. In a stand alone story, I usually have a mental picture of the people and places. I've never written (or even thought about) a series, but I think probably index cards would be the best way to keep the details of each character or place.

  2. I keep hearing that readers love a series.

  3. I don't think there's one tried and true method. I keep a file with character descriptions that I can turn to when I need.

  4. A notebook works well. You can have tabs for sections: characters both major and minor, various locations in the setting, geography/climate type information, and even a spot for a time-line or maybe a map.

    That said, for my series, I just kind of ran by the seat of my pants and wound up peeking back at prior books if I needed to remember something. I wish I would have been more organized!