Thursday, October 3, 2013

Promoting for a Friend

For better or worse, and I do have mixed feelings about it, Wild Rose has all of its authors participating in the Kindle Direct Publishing program over at Amazon. Basically this means Amazon gets exclusive rights to your book for three months and will offer it for free on Kindle for a period of five days.

This week a friend of mine (She's a chapter mate at Chicago-North and a fellow TWRP author.) has her book for free over at Amazon, so I thought I'd do some promo for her. If you have a Kindle or know someone who does, please download and/or spread the word. Thanks!

Operation Christmas by Barbara Weitz

Lieutenant Jess Grant is home from Afghanistan with a physical injury that has stripped away his confidence. Yet he hopes to reconnect with a young war widow he knew in high school. His "Operation Christmas" project is just the excuse he needs to visit her family's bakery.

Madeleine Belmar struggles with Christmas, works for Scrooge, and is nowhere near ready for a new relationship when she runs into Jess. Her rejection and his persistence create a confusing mix of attraction and fear she seems unable to navigate.

When Jess sees she won't budge, he leaves their fate up to Madeleine. Between her meddling family and angelic intervention, Jess will get a helping hand. This Christmas will be one they will never forget.

Download for FREE here!


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Happy Reading!



  1. Sounds like a great book. I'm always a little hesitant about the offering of books for free, as I'm not sure about the benefit to the reader, but I think it's an interesting idea. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

  2. Sounds like a good read for Christmas.
    I also have mixed feelings about offering free downloads.

  3. Yeah, on the outset, it really doesn't seem to have done anything for me, but...I'm going to stick to Paula's theory of waiting for people to catch up on their reading to see if it sparks sales in the future. Only time will tell, I guess.

  4. I downloaded, Debra. Will get to reading it asap.