Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Gets in the Way

It's Passover, and my family celebrates, so I've spent the past four days sterilizing my kitchen, spring cleaning the rest of my house, cooking breakfasts and lunch from scratch, making meals for our two seders and planning ahead for snacks and other food items needed for the week. My "spare" time is spent on the couch or in bed, trying to recover. I'd love to say that I am using that spare time to write, but I'm too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

My favorite part of Passover is the separation between what we do the rest of the year, and what we do for these seven or eight days. I like that Passover is different from the rest of the year, and that goes for my writing too. I write the rest of the year; this week, I'll be taking a break.

So, Happy Passover and Happy Easter and Happy Spring! See you next week!


  1. Happy Passover to you - and enjoy all your special food (and your break from writing!)

  2. Have a wonderful celebration with your family, Jen!

  3. Happy all those things to you, too, Jen.

    We're hosting Easter here on Sunday, but I don't think it's quite as busy as your preparations for Passover.

    Glad you are taking a break to celebrate. Special times deserve a rest from 'real' life.