Thursday, April 17, 2014

So Many Hats

Debra ponders the many different things going on in her life.

On any given day I'm a wife, teacher, writer, board member, friend, daughter, sister, etc. These are not exclusive, as I am all of these all the time and probably more. And more often than not, the tasks involved with each overlap.

For instance, today I wore my writer's hat at school because I was using the copier to scan my new contracts so I could e-mail them back to my publisher. For a small part of the morning, I also wore my board member hat, as I took a 'spare' five minutes while my fourth grade writing class was working on their paragraphs to draft a copy of a sponsorship solicitation for an event I'm organizing for the Historical Society.

At home, I usually wear my teacher hat on a nightly basis, as there's always a few more papers to grade and get through.

After school today, while wearing my wife hat and making lunch for tomorrow, I also did some multi-tasking and donned the board member hat once again to phone the President of the Society to chat about a few things.

Even my nighttime routine lately has me wearing a different than usual hat. Normally I cuddle up in bed with a book around 9:00 and it's lights out no later than ten. I am definitely not a night owl. This is my time for pleasure reading, however I'm hosting a guest on my other blog in a few weeks and she loaned me a Kindle copy of the book so I could do a short review snippet as part of the post. It's a genre I don't normally read, so I'm not exactly considering it a pleasure read, although it is a well-written story.

During yoga last night as I stretched and toned my body, I also wore my teacher hat as I thought ahead to the next day and the tasks I'd need to complete ahead of the long weekend. (We're off Friday and Monday for Good Friday/Easter Monday.). I also wore my daughter/wife hat, as we're hosting dinner on Sunday and I haven't gone shopping yet, so I was making lists in my head for that as well.

You'd think with all of those hats, I'd become weighed down and off-balance. Sometimes that's true. There are times I am overwhelmed with the responsibilities involved with each hat, especially when they all are 'due' at the same time. But all in all, my varied interests keep me happy and busy, giving boredom no time to set in.

And it reminds me that when I create characters for my stories, I need to make them well-rounded and diverse.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. You are a skilled multi-tasker, Debra!
    I never thought about my characters being that adept. I'm going to have to contemplate that. Seriously.

  2. I used to juggle hats like that, Debra. Now I'm happy to have the 'Just Me' hat most of the time!

  3. Ana...the more I have to do the more productive I am. Most of the time. It forces me to be organized. (And remember which hat I'm wearing when!)

    Paula...ah...someday I'll wear a 'just me' hat! :)

  4. I wear many hats as well, Debra. My biggest fear is forgetting which hat I'm currently wearing (or losing one of them)! Good point, though, about applying that to our characters!