Thursday, April 10, 2014

On Location

Debra takes Wild Wedding Weekend on location.

In addition to the warm weather and sand between my toes (which was more than welcome after our brutally long and cold winter here in the Midwest), a highlight of our recent cruise was to revisit a couple places we first toured on our honeymoon sixteen years ago. Part of the fun of being back was I'd used our first cruise stop locations as the setting for my book Wild Wedding Weekend, in which I send my hero and heroine, Noah and Abby, on a cruise of their own.

Here's the blurb:

All Abby Walker ever wanted was to live a normal life in her small suburban-Chicago house. After traveling around the world in her youth, staying put in one spot is a dream come true. But when she winds up on a game show as a favor to a friend, her life takes an adventurous turn she isn’t at all prepared for.

Noah Grant has put his small-town Indiana roots behind him. He travels all over the world, enjoying the freedom and adventure. He has no intention of settling down anytime soon, if ever. But then he finds himself married to Abby in a bizarre quirk of fate, and he realizes his life will never be the same. Their passion flares as hot as the sultry Caribbean air. But is passion enough to turn their Wild Wedding Weekend into a lifetime of love?

While visiting various places on our cruise this year, it was the perfect time for a few photo ops.

Our first port of call was Cozumel. In the story, Abby and Noah give individual interviews for the reality show they're on.
Here I am standing in front of what could be Abby and Noah's ship. (Ours is actually the one mostly hidden by the ship closest.)

And here I am by the Puerta Maya sign right outside the entrance to the port.

Our final port of call was also one that Abby and Noah visit. In the story, they visit the town of Hell and Noah sends postcards to all of his friends. They also take a walk on the famous Seven Mile Beach and sneak away for a little lovin'!
Here's me with the 'devil' in Hell right before sending our postcards.

And here's me on the beach. (It was here that I discovered a grave inaccuracy in my book. There's no way Abby and Noah could have found a secluded spot on this beach to make love. I have never seen a beach so crowded. Oh well, I guess there's always a portion of romance that involves some fantasy and suspension of belief, right?)

Now at some point all we need to do is revisit Key West and the ruins at Tulum and my photo journey through the book will be complete! Fun!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Great post, Debra! I loved the pictures and the connections to Wild Wedding Weekend--which I really enjoyed reading.

  2. Hi Ana, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the story. It was fun to hunt down different locations. I'm going to try to do it for all of my books, although most don't have as exotic settings. :)

  3. I think it's a great idea! Most of my books take place in NYC, so it's not as much fun for me, since I live nearby. I'll have to work on something more exotic. :)

  4. Jen, It would be a good excuse to travel, right?!

  5. What a great idea to take photos of you with your book in all those places. Maybe I should go back to Ireland and do the same with mine!

  6. I highly recommend it, Paula. And what a great 'excuse' to revisit, right?!