Monday, June 16, 2014

Book covers

BookBub Unbound, a blog from the book promotion site, posted an interesting list of Best Themes for Book Covers.
They say at least 30% of a shopper's decision to buy an e-book is based on the reader's attraction to the book's cover.
Their list for best themes for covers is:

Animals, especially dogs.
Beach scenes. Sand and surf convey leisure and relaxation--time to read.
Seasonal themes, especially Christmas, where family, home and hearth are shared.
Friendship and sisterhood.
Shirtless men.
Great photography, especially in cookbooks.
Chick-lit art, especially for series
Cute kids.


  1. Interesting. While I don't always judge by the cover, if the cover looks amateurish, I definitely won't buy it.

  2. Shirtless men on covers are a turn-off for me, especially if they are also 'headless'. I'm not very attracted by chick-lit covers either.

    1. I'm chuckling, Paula, because one of my favorite series - a must buy/must read situation whenever a new book comes out - all have covers that feature shirtless guys and no eyes. That is, the pictures are cut off right above the nose.

  3. Very interesting. I'll admit I definitely stop the look at a shirtless cover. But that doesn't always make me buy. Sometimes I just like to admire. lol But I've been told by more than a few that what made them look at the cover of my last release was that the guy on the cover actually had clothes on. lol I'm with Jennifer, though. If the cover looks amateurish, I don't even bother to read the blurb.

  4. Interesting choices. I am totally hoping that readers don't always buy based on the cover, because my release in August has one of my least favorite covers of all my stories. I'm going to definitely need to find other ways of marketing and not always rely on the cover for sales. Although who knows, maybe other people will really like the cover. It's all about personal preference. Unfortunately, though, my cover doesn't fall into any of those categories above.