Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pages From The Heart Contest

Pages From The Heart Contest is open now through June 30!

Entry: Electronic entry of the first 25 pages of your original, unpublished, and uncontracted novel-length (or projected novel-length) manuscript. See entry form on our website:

Published Author: the writer is contracted or published, but the entry itself must not be contracted or published. Self-published authors are welcome. The manuscript must be your original work.
Unpublished Author: the writer has not accepted a publishing offer for, or self-published, a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more (by the contest entry deadline). The manuscript must be your original work.
Pages From The Heart Contest is open to RWA Members only.

Contest Categories: Historical, Contemporary (single title or category, includes Novel with Strong Romantic Elements), Paranormal/Futuristic/Time Travel, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Inspirational, and Young Adult/New Adult

First Round: Three Judges per entry. The lowest score will be dropped, but will be used in case of a tie.
Second Round: Ranking completed by professionals in the publishing industry who actively acquire in the categories they’re judging. A comment section will be available for judge feedback, though it is not required. See our website for a list

All prizes are for all categories in both unpublished and published authors’ divisions.
First Place:  critique of your submission by an independent professional editor, Lynn Crandall Editing Services + name in contest winners section of the RWA Report + website/avatar graphic + printable e-certificate.
Second Place: 1 Year Free Membership to FTH + name in contest winners section of the RWA Report + website/avatar graphic + printable e-certificate.
Third Place: name in contest winners section of the RWA Report + website/avatar graphic + printable e-certificate.
Honorable Mention receives a website/avatar graphic + printable e-certificate.
Hero of Our Heart Prize: Top three entries in this special “judges’ choice” category will be ranked by an agent or editor. Finalists do not have to final in the Category contest. The winner receives 1 Year Free Membership to FTHRW and a website/avatar graphic+ printable e-certificate.
– All finalists’ and winners’ names will be listed on the FTHRW website with a link to a social media contact of the writer’s choice.
 – All entrants will receive the score sheets from each judge along with their judged submission, including the dropped score. Judges are encouraged to give additional feedback comments at their discretion. 
– First-Round Judging Score Sheet as well as Judging Guidelines are available so potential entrants can see what’s being evaluated.
– We stay connected to you every step of the way through our contestants’ “Contest News” yahoo group. You will be updated when the contest closes, when Judges have received entries, when Judges have started returning entries, etc.
– Upon exiting the contest, we will encourage feedback from contestants, judges, and other volunteers. We want to provide a contest that YOU want to be a part of!

Entry fee: $20 FTHRW members/$25 RWA members (US funds paid through paypal on entry form.)
Multiple entries: $15 for subsequent entries (US funds paid through paypal on entry form.) Please note that each manuscript can only be entered once. Additional entries must be from different manuscripts. More than one manuscript can be entered in the same category or in different categories.

Entries will be the first 25 pages of your manuscript saved as a DOC file. If formatting guidelines are not followed, the entry will be returned to author for correction.
Standard industry formatting rules apply:
-One inch margins, double spaced, font: Times New Roman 12 or 14 or Courier 12.
-Header: division, category, title, and page number.
-Author’s name must NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript.

For more information: PFTHContest @ (delete spaces.)


  1. Contests are such a great way to gather feedback about a mss. It's also a good way to get your work in front of an editor/agent. I highly recommend entering ones that fit your needs1 :)

  2. I agree.
    I helped in some small ways to launch this contest for From the Heart
    Romance Writers online chapter.
    The second round judges are topnotch. First round are good, too.