Monday, June 30, 2014

My Wish List

Ana starts her writer's gift list.

I have encountered people who are finishing their holiday shopping in August.

I could never accomplish this, but I thought it might help my loved ones if I started my wish list.

1. Muse Net. The color is optional, but that sparkly lavender one is nice. (A muse net traps your muse so s/he has to stick around until you finish.)

2. Waking Recorder. Saves the brilliant, but fleeting inspirations that rise from the subconscious overnight.

3. Personal memory cloud.  Automatically records, organizes, and stores ideas for book titles, character names, story plots.

4. Social media double. An invisible clone who updates all social media accounts 24/7. The higher-priced model also does impeccable book formatting.

What would you add to a must-have wish list?


  1. Don't forget the "Elastic Time Band" which stretches to allow you time to do what has to be done during the day, leaving plenty of time remaining to write.

  2. Love this, especially no. 2! Mine would also record all the great thoughts I have and passages I write while showering, walking, or otherwise unable to access paper/pencil/computer.

  3. I would like all of these, plus a 'Plot Untangler' for my current WIP please!

  4. The Elastic Time Band! I want one, too!!!!!

  5. I do get great thoughts in the shower. Yep, I may have to move this to #1.

  6. OK, Paula. You can have the limited edition Plot Untangler. I'll go for the Plot Fixer.

  7. These are fabulous.

    Hmn? I'd add an 'intruder remover' so when I'm writing all of those intruder words (felt, saw, watched, etc.) magically disappear.