Thursday, September 10, 2015

J is for Jessica, Joe, Jason, Jake, and Jesse

Apparently Debra likes names that begin with J.

I never really thought too much about it until I sat down to write my J post for this blog series. A lot of my characters have names that start with J. I didn't plan this. Or do it on purpose. It just kind of happened. So I might as well introduce them to you by sharing their portion of the blurb for their story:

Jessica Hart is the heroine in This Can't Be Love.
After the disastrous end of another dead-end relationship, all Jessica Hart wants is solitude and time to heal at her grandfather's mountain retreat. Instead she finds Zach Rawlings. Zach is everything she wants to escape. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than meets the eye. But can she trust her heart to a man like Zach?

Joe Mason is the hero in An Unexpected Blessing.
Joe Mason is the town's bad boy. Literally. He's just returned from a four year stint in prison. He wants nothing more than to put the past behind him and get on with his life. He's had a secret crush on Katy since grade school, but when Katy's parents hire him to be their handyman, she's less than thrilled to have him around. But soon, through her young son's eyes, Katy discovers the good in Joe. As their feelings for one another deepen, small town gossip and prejudice threaten to ruin everything. Will Joe's past come between them, or will they be able to get beyond it and hold onto a love neither expected?

Jason Williams is the hero in One Great Night.
Call him a bit old-fashioned, but Jason Williams has never had a one-night stand. And he's not about to start with his best friend's baby sister. To save Chloe from herself, he will pretend to go along with her crazy scheme. But what happens when the charade becomes all too real? For his libido and his heart.

Jake Hawkins is the hero in This Feels Like Home.
Jake's got one goal--earn enough points to ride on the pro circuit--and he won't let anyone stand in his way. Especially not a sophisticated city lady who thinks bull riding is crazy. Women like Amber are the reason he's perfected the art of loving and leaving. So why can't he get her off of his mind...or out of his heart?

Jesse Rhodes will be the hero in the yet-to-be-written "Written in Rock", the first book planned for a new series I'd like to write.
Jesse is a country rock star on a roll. Right now he's the biggest name in country music. Publicity is all part of the game, but he hates the press. He blames the tabloids for the failure of his marriage. So the heroine is going to be a reporter. Should make for some interesting conflict I hope.

So, in addition to all of these J names, I noticed another trend. I tend to end many of my blurbs with a question. Now isn't that interesting? (LOL)

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


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  1. It is funny how we unconsciously hone on on certain letters. Maybe it's the sound.
    I will definitely vote for you tomorrow.

    1. It was just really eye-opening to look at once I realized I had all of those Js. :)

      Thanks for voting!

  2. That's funny how many J names you use (speaking as someone with a J name). I love your blurbs, and ending with a question is a great way to reel the reader in.

    1. I did use Jenn for the name of one of my character's bosses since my own boss is named Jenn. But she didn't see any 'on screen' time...just got a mention! :)

  3. I've had two heroines and one hero beginning with J, and also a few secondary characters.
    I like blurbs that end with a question. As Jen says, the question can pull the reader in :-)

    1. And obviously the blurb committee at TWRP doesn't have an issue with the questions at the end because they don't edit them out! :)

  4. Do you keep a list of all the names you use, Debra? I used to but somehow I got out of the habit.