Monday, September 14, 2015

K is for 'Keepin' On"

Ana muses about trucking'

I read an obituary for R. Crumb, the '60s artist who leaped to cult status after Janis Joplin asked him to draw the cover of her Big Brother and the Holding Company's first (I think) album cover.
One iconic image was the cartoon figure of the man walking and the caption "Keepin' On."

Last week, every evening after work I canned tomatoes. Tis the season.
I worked all weekend at a craft fair. 7 hour set up on Friday. 16 hour work day on Saturday. 14 hour work day on Sunday. I still have a work hangover, even after this morning's first cup of strong coffee.

And it's Monday. Back to work day.

Last night as I lay in bed with aching feet I tried to think of a K-excerpt to copy and paste and came up blank.
What I woke up with this morning is 'Keepin' On."

I push to find the time and focus to write while I put in the hours required for my paycheck and to meet the needs of my family.
I'm keeping' on.


  1. I'm full of admiration for everything you do, Ana. Makes me feel very lazy by comparison!

    1. Thanks, Paula, but don't feel lazy. Feel lucky that you can do what you want when you want.

  2. That's what it's all about isn't it? Keeping on and keeping up with life. Sometimes it's easier than others, right?! :)

    1. So true! Since I had emergency gall bladder surgery, I've been trying to keep calm and cool, to not get upset or angry. No gall bladder to hold 'stones' anymore. Not sure where they'd show up.

  3. I think that's the key to being a writer, Ana. No matter what else is going on, "keepin' on" is the only way the story gets done.