Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Snippet-The Seduction of Esther

This is Jennifer's favorite meeting of her hero and heroine...

Of all the ways I've had my hero and heroine meet, this one in this book is my favorite. What do you think?

Her stomach growled and the sound yanked Samara back to the present. She was hungry. With a shake of her head, she reached for a shopping cart and headed down the aisle.
Mounds of bright colored produce lured her—oranges, broccoli, bananas, kale. Her goal—the potatoes; the multitude of delicious sights and smells distracted her and she squeezed and smelled her way through the narrow aisles toward the back of the store.
Samara whipped her head up as a deep voice interrupted her thoughts of baked potatoes au gratin.  A tanned hand reached for her arm, its fingers long and square with clean nails.  They pressed against her arm, just firm enough for her to feel their warmth. Her gaze traveled up his arm, from the wrist. A light dusting of dark hair peeked from beneath the cuff of a starched, white shirt. Her eyes continued their way up to the biceps that filled out the sleeve. She continued across the broad expanse of chest, up a tanned throat, over a chiseled chin darkened by five o’clock shadow, past soft lips, around flared nostrils and into blue eyes. Slate-blue eyes twinkled at her. She yanked her arm out of his grasp.
“Let go of me, please!”
“Sorry. Didn’t want you to run me over.”
She tilted her head. Did his eyes always twinkle this much? She’d never seen him before; while his eyes alone would have been enough to spark a glimmer of recognition if they’d ever crossed paths, his voice was unforgettable. A trace of a rasp, like a callused finger catching on a silk blouse; a hint of a Southern drawl stuck out even in the melting pot of New York accents; a satirical lilt, a promise of laughter to brighten the darkest days. No, she would never forget his voice. She could get lost in it for days. Goosebumps ran down her back and she shivered. The sudden, uncontrollable movement jerked her out of her reverie and brought her back to the present. The glint in his eye told her he’d noticed her distraction and her cheeks warmed. When he stared at her, without saying a word, she jerked her cart out of his way and ploughed into the display of russet potatoes. The table screeched against the linoleum floor and mounds of brown spuds wobbled at the impact. Samara closed her eyes in horror and yanked her cart out of the way. She watched as one potato toppled onto the floor. Like a scout on a mission, it paved the way for the rest of the potatoes, because the pile collapsed and poured around her feet.
“Watch where you’re going, lady,” the produce guy shouted as he ran and surveyed the damage.
Samara’s face heated even more. She resisted the urge to press her palm to her cheek to make sure she wasn’t about to burst into flame, and backed away. Her heel caught on a potato and her leg slid forward. A tanned hand grabbed her arm and held her up. Too embarrassed to do anything, she gripped the grocery cart and closed her eyes. His next words made them fly open.

“Sorry, it was my fault.” He bent down and picked up the runaway potatoes. Her hands itched to smooth themselves across the broad plains of his back and feel his muscles bunch under his shirt. Instead, she gripped the handle of her grocery cart hard enough to turn her knuckles white. That’s all I need. One touch and I’d probably knock this whole place down, or worse, injure the guy. Before she could cause any more damage, or embarrass herself any further, Samara fled from the store.

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  1. I love this scene, too. It's funny, poignant, and revealing.

  2. I do love the potatoes topping to the floor.

    Definitely a memorable meeting that neither will soon forget. :)

  3. Great visual of the potato collapse!

  4. Coming in late to say how much I enjoyed this scene. It was a perfectly visual account.