Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Handsome Hunks

Favourite Heroes in Moves and/ or fiction

My first ever favourite hero in fiction has to be Mr Rochester (see the name of my hero in A Fatal Flaw) I just fell madly in love with this enigmatic man. I remember seeing the old film with Joan Fonteyn and Orson Welles – Orson Welles is still my perfect Rochester!

I never liked Bruce in Forever Amber. I just could not see what a spirited gusty heroine like Amber could see in him. He was not at all heroic. Just loathed him!

There have been many heroes in books that I have fallen for, I mean if you can’t fall in love with the hero you’re wasting your time reading the novel, aren’t you? A latest hero of mine is Harry Bosch, Michael Connolly’s detective. I love this guy, I feel he always falls in love with the wrong woman and I just know the right woman for him is me!

I loved Harrison Ford in Witness, I could really fall for him (do you think I have something for cops???. Also I fell in love with the, to begin with, cold and calculating Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina Fair. Ah, but he melts so deliciously.

Robert Redford, in navy whites, in The Way We Were…sigh and he is always to me the perfect Jay Gatsby (another of my novel heroes).

I could go on and on but I really must stop. If I start thinking about it I could be here all day and that way my own hero will not be created!

Ta ta…


  1. I suddenly panicked and thought it was Wednesday - put it down to life being fraught, or me going bonkers!

  2. You made me start wondering what day it was, Margaret!

    And I forgot Harrison Ford when I was making my list - but yes, he definitely has a certain 'something'!

  3. Movies make it easy to identify an actor with a role. With books, isn't there more "personalization?" I may imagine a hero looking a certain way. You might visualize him differently. We could both find satisfaction in our interpretation.

  4. I think we all create our own images of characters in books, which may or may not be like the actors who play them in movies or on TV. There have been times when I've been disappointed by someone playing a role, because they haven't been anything like I'd imagined the character. One exception to that was 'Gone with the Wind' where I felt that every character in the movie was exactly how I'd imagined them when I first read the book.

  5. Yes I agree GWTW was beautifully cast.

  6. Ah, see now I go for Harrison Ford as Han Solo (He's a far better hero than Luke Skywalker) and Indiana Jones.