Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hunky Heart-throbs

I would run away with Cary Grant. After him, I'm fickle. If I like the book or film, I am temporarily in love with the hero. If he's my leading man, I'm definitely in love.
A few standouts:
Ben Browder's character, John Creighton, in the sci-fi Farscape series. (Miss it.)
Jim Caveziel in The Count of Monte Cristo. (Just watched it again.)
Jeremy Dumont, aka Jermande du Monfort, in my WIP.


  1. Cary Grant - yes, debonair, suave, sophisticated. But if you think of him as Archie Leach, it ruins the image somehow!
    Maybe we should discuss names sometime and how they can influence us as readers/writers. If Mr Darcy had been called Mr Higginbottom, would he have been as attracive??
    Must confess I haven't heard of John Creighton or Jim Cavezeil.
    But I'm getting to know your Jeremy now!

  2. I absolutely love jim Caviezel. He was also in a great movie with Dennis Quaid, Frequency, which was awesome. And of course The Passion of Christ.

  3. I like Jim Caviezel too. I did watch the Mel Gibson film about Christ and although it was harrowing, thought Jim was marvellous.

    Yes names can mislead - I think Rock Hudson was called Roy something or other...Some names were just plain daft, like Tab Hunter!
    But he was cute. Cary Grant, Archie Leach, he was going no where with that monicker! LOL>

  4. I dreamed about Ewan MacGreggor forever after seeing Moulin Rouge. Sigh. And I always fall for Josh Hartnett after watching one of his movies.

    I didn't know The Count of Monte Cristo has a movie out. I'm so going to watch that. Thanks.

  5. Jimmy Stweart is my man. I could literally listen to his voice forever. It's sexy as all get out.

  6. Rock Hudson was really Roy Harold Scherer. The original names of some film stars fascinate me - how would John Wayne have got anywhere as Marion Morrison, or Kirk Douglas as Issur Danielovitch, or Clark Gable as William Goebel, or Howard Keel as Harold Leek? But Ramon Estevez does have a certain ring to it - check it out!! :-)
    I think it shows us, as writers, the care we have to take when naming our characters. The problem is that liking or disliking a name can be very subjective and can be influenced by many different things, not least an association with someone in one's past that you might have liked or disliked (and in my case, the memory of some kid I once taught!).