Thursday, October 7, 2010

Makin' Out and Makin' Love

Okay, here's my list: (presented in a very non-romantic way. I promise, the actual situations were far more romantic - I hope! - for my heroes and heroines!)

Logan and Sharlie from "This Time for Always":
kisses - rodeo, storage room, house
doing it (which also involved plenty of kissin') - in front of the fire, Logan's truck, bed

Noah and Abby from "Wild Wedding Weekend":
kisses - outside a restaurant, bridal room, bed, bus
doing it (ditto on the kissin') - cruise ship (bed) twice, beach, bed

Zach and Jessica from "This Can't Be Love" (coming November 5):
kisses - deck, kitchen, gravel bar
doing it (kissin' included) - Jessica's bed (twice), creek, Zach's bed

Chase and Erika from "Family Secrets": (mss is in the submitting stage)
kisses - kitchen (twice), Chase's truck
doing it (with kisses of course) - Erika's bed, Chase's couch, kitchen

Jake and Amber from "This Feels Like Home" (WIP)
kisses (so far) - out by Jake's truck
doing it (so far and yada yada on the kisses) - Jake's bed

I guess looking back...nothing too exotic. But all of those scenes were really fun to write!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Variety is the spice of life, or so they tell me.

  2. So much kissing in romance. Whoo hoo! How do we keep it fresh? I think each character responds in her or his way, and therefore it can be fresh each time, in each book.

  3. As the writer, variety is nice. Who wants to write the same scene over and over again. But I agree, Ana, each character brings his/her own personality to each and every scene, so even the same kinds of scenes are different.