Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hunky Heroes and Heart-Throbs

My first celebrity crush was Erik Estrada...Ponch from CHiPs. I think I was in fifth grade! In junior high and high school I was all about Rick Springfield (still am) until Jon Bon Jovi hit the scene. My heart still stutters when I see him. If anything, he's even better looking now than back in the 80s. (Although I really was into the hair band guys.)

James Bond is the ultimate hero, especially if he's played by Pierce Brosnan - who I will watch in just about anything. Although Sean Connery gets big points for that role as well. He's really a sexy older man these days still.

Others making my "list" these days are: Brad Pitt (without the straggly beard...thank goodness he FINALLY shaved that awful thing!) and Matthew McConaughey. I've used both as inspiration for heroes (looks-wise) in my own books.

I have, of course, been head over heels for all of my heroes at one time or another. Why write them if they weren't falling in love with?

In books these days, as you may well know, I am all about the vampires. Edward from "Twilight" and Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series are both devine. They've translated well to the big/small screen, too. Robert Pattinson is the ideal Edward, and I've enjoyed some of his other work as well (although lusting after him does make me feel a little courgarish), and Alexander Skarsgard has the character of Eric down to a T in "True Blood". Not to mention both men are sexy as all hell. (I use posters of both my favorite vampires in front of my treadmill as motivation for working out.)

MY latest hunky hero is now available in paperback from The Wild Rose Press. This Can't Be Love is Zach's story. Zach is sexy, fabulous, and crazy about Jessica. (Digital release is November 5.) My cover artist did a FABULOUS job of depicting him, don't you think?!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Nice selection of movie heroes, love the cover of your latest novel too, Debra.

  2. Thanks, Margaret. I've been really lucky wiht my covers from TWRP.

  3. Bill Compton is very appealing, and I really liked Gotfried (sp?), Eric's maker.