Monday, June 18, 2012

I deal with food every day. I raise over 100 varieties of vegetables for my CSA. My husband raises milk and beef cows, as well as laying hens. In my Secret Garden business, we make soup, bread and seasoning mixes. I can and freeze most of my family's food. I have over 100 cookbooks on my bookshelf.

We joke, half seriously, that our income borders the poverty line, but we eat like kings.

My favorite things:
the first spring salad of baby lettuce with arugula and radish slices.
BLT's with Japanese Trifele tomatoes.
Twice baked potatoes.
Home-made pesto in February. By the spoonful is fine.
Anything chocolate.


  1. Yum, Ana, I love baby lettuce! Being a NJ girl, I prefer Jersey tomatoes, though. Potatoes are my "home alone" food, since no one else eats them (pity for them). And of course, chocolate! Great list.

  2. Hi Ana,

    I am totally with you on the chocolate! We are big salad eaters, too, but I usually don't do tomatoes...just not one of my favorites. Even my BLTs are actually BLCs (bacon, lettuce, and cheese)!

  3. Debra, that's really funny! That's like ordering a bacon cheeseburger without the burger!

  4. Ana, you know already how I'm totally in aww of all the work you do to grow and distribute your vegetables.
    Must admit I am not a salad fan, also not sure ofthe significance of "twice-baked potatoes' - why twice?

  5. Oh, you scoop out the potato flesh, mix with cheese, onions, veggies, sour cream--whatever you fancy, then stuff mixture back into potato shell and bake. Heavenly!

    BLC's sound great, Debra!

    Jen, these trifele tomatoes rival most tomatoes. They taste like Burgundy wine. My husband would die without potatoes. We raise really good ones without chemicals. People would freak if they knew how many chemicals are applied to potatoes during both the growing and the storage seasons.

  6. Ana, there are some things I'm better off not knowing. :)