Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not-so-glorious Food (in my opinion, of course!)

I eat to live, rather than the other way round, and prefer fairly basic meals rather than anything fancy. I can’t really pick out 5 favourite foods, so instead I’ll tell you about a few thing I simply cannot eat.

As a child I couldn’t eat cheese or even anything cheese flavoured. Over time, I’ve been able to eat cooked cheese e.g. on pizza or in lasagna and even cheese-flavoured sauce (as long as it’s fairly mild). But I still can’t eat ‘raw’ cheese. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s the texture that I dislike (slight understatement, it actually makes me gag!)

Again, something I’ve never been able to eat and, again, probably more due to the texture than anything else. I can still remember my first school dinner when I was five. It was salad, and we were told we had to eat everything on our plates before we would be allowed to leave the dining hall (this was in the very strict 1940's, remember). Imagine my horror when the salad consisted of lettuce, cucmber, cheese and beetroot. I had to sit there when everyone else had left, forcing myself to take very tiny pieces of cheese and trying to swallow them. The teacher must have eventually taken pity on me, because I was finally allowed to go back to my class!

Anything with almond favouring.
No reason for this (that I can think of) – it’s just a flavour I dislike, so I can’t eat the marzipan on Christmas cakes, or macaroons, or a dessert we call Bakewell Tart which has a pastry base covered in jam and then an almond-flavoured sponge filling. Yuck!  The only time I ever had any amaretto (without knowing what it actually was), I had to spit it out!

I have no idea why people rave about shell-fish. I dislike the texture and taste of prawns, couldn’t eat a mussel or oyster to save my life, and the only time I’ve ever had lobster, I decided it was completely over-rated, as it was bland and boring!

I don’t mind the cream and custard part, it’s the soggy sponge at the bottom that I loathe!

I’m sure someone will tell me that all these things are their favourites – if so, they are welcome to them!


  1. Paula,

    I'm with you on the shellfish and almonds (for me it's actual, not just flavoring), but for me it's allergy reasons.

    I do love cheese, though. Cheese and crackers are one of my favorite I'll take your dislike...that means there's more for me!

  2. I don't like beets, so I assume I don't like beetroot too. And I hate nuts in anything. Otherwise, I'm not that picky. Mostly, I don't like brussels sprouts.

  3. Debtra, I'm not actually allergic to any of these things, so it really is a case of not liking either the texture or flavour (or both).

    Jen - maybe should have clarified that the beetroot I was referring to specifically was the kind we get here which is pickled in (mainly) vinegar.
    I don't mind brussels sprouts too much, can eat them,but wouldn't choose them if there was an alternative!

  4. I could live on cheese, and love steamed baby beets.
    Shellfish are icky. Soggy anything should be banned.
    I love a touch of almond flavoring in a good cake.

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! Can you be my best friend?

    I have never met anyone else who doesn't like cheese. Like you, I can stand pizza... and I don't mind things like cheetos and Nacho Doritos (but that's probably not real cheese). But actual cheese? *shudders* Even the smell makes my stomach turn over.

    Can't even tell you how many times I would order at Taco Bell... "a taco with no cheese, a bean burrito with no cheese, and a soda."

    And the bratty cashier would quip, "With no cheese?" Barely entertaining the first time... completely devoid of humor the 900000th time. lol

  6. Ana, I know so many people who say they could live on cheese - but I'm simply not one of them!

  7. Jo! My new best friend! I've never met anyone else who doesn't like cheese either! Agree re the smell, particularly some of the blue cheeses - blech!