Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paula's 4 Favourite Books

Oh, what to choose – there are too many!

If forced to take only 4 books to a desert island, I would choose:

Sharon Kay Penman’s “Sunne in Splendour” – IMO the best novel about the 15th century Wars of the Roses and Richard III. Sharon’s research is second to none. I’ve read it several times, and learn something new every time.

Anya Seton’s “Katherine”- one of the first historical novels I ever read, with a wonderful portrayal of Edward III’s court and the history of the later 14th century. Again, superbly researched, and I totally fell in love with John of Gaunt!

John Jakes' 'North and South' trilogy - and if you won't let me take the whole trilogy, I'd choose the 2nd volume, 'Love and War' covering the 5 year panorama of the Civil War, which will remind me of my visits to the battlefields of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

And okay, the 4th one might just have to be Pride and Prejudice, so I could dream of Colin Firth, the consummate Mr. Darcy!


  1. You and Colin are definitely an item, Paula. I need to read your other favorites. If you love them, I surely will.
    You should try writing an historical. You'd have a feel for it, and the historical facts give a free anchor of setting.

  2. You can definitely have the whole trilogy!

    That was a great series. I actually saw the mini series first (Starring Patrick Swayze...yum!... as Orry) and that's what made me pick up the books.

  3. Mr. Darcy! Yes, take him ... err, the book with you. :D

  4. Love historicals. Never read or watched North and South (although I remember my mom watching the miniseries--I was too young). May have to try it.

  5. Ana, I do like your suggestions that Colin and I are an item! Oh, if wishing made it so LOL. Regarding writing an historical, I don't think I have the patience to do all the 'background' research that would be necessary!

  6. Thanks, Debra, I really loved that trilogy, but although I have the DVDs I haven't yet watched them. Really must dig them out and watch!

  7. Glynis - thanks for visiting, and yes, the 'real thing' would be even better than the book LOL!

  8. Jen - I read the books first, and Debra saw the mini-series first, and we're both hooked, so it's a win-win situation whichever you try first!