Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cover Me Happy!

Debra received the cover for One Great Night!

As you know, I've been waiting for the cover for One Great Night for a while now. I don't think it was taking longer than usual, more it was just me being impatient.

So I was pleased as punch to get an e-mail with the subject line referring to the cover a few weeks ago. Turns out it was an e-mail from the cover artist, introducing herself and asking for some further input. She said she had a good idea of what I wanted based on the cover information sheet I had filled out, but wanted to check in to make sure she was definitely on the right track. She gave me her Facebook page and web-site to browse, and asked me to choose a few covers I thought had the right feel for my book.

When I first looked at other covers she'd done, I was a tad worried. She creates covers for a lot of erotica, including male/male and female/female romance. Many of the covers were very explicit and showed way too much flesh for what I would be comfortable with for one of my stories. My stories are definitely spicy and rated R, but they most definitely don't cross over into the X category. But as I looked further, I did find some examples that were more in line with my style.

So I e-mailed her back and gave her the names of the books I thought had the feel I was looking for. She said she'd search through some images and come up with some ideas.

A few days later she sent me not one mock up, but four mock-ups of my cover. The images were the same, but she'd played with the colors on the title and author name. I loved them all and had a hard time choosing. In the end, I actually came up with a slightly different color scheme. She in turn came back with two more options, just with the shading/shadowing of one of the words.

This was the most involved in creating my cover than I'd ever been, and it was fabulous to have so much input. I am extremely pleased with the result, as the characters are right on and I think it perfectly fits the tone of the story: sexy, flirty, and fun. I honestly can't stop looking at it. I've printed out a copy for my desk, I saved a copy on my phone, and when it comes up on my desk top (I have the covers of all my books rotating through), I minimize whatever I'm working on so I can stare at it for as long as it's on the screen.

So without further ado, I give you the cover for One Great Night...

And the tag line and blurb, just so you get a feel for the whole package!

She's ready, he's not; it's a battle of the sexes with a twist.

At twenty-seven, Chloe Harris has never had a night of really great sex. Before she turns thirty she wants to check that particular item off of her bucket list. She's known Jason her whole life. More importantly, she trusts him. Who better to help her with her plan?

Call him a bit old-fashioned, but Jason Williams has never had a one-night stand. And he's not about to start with his best friend's baby sister. To save Chloe from herself, he will pretend to go along with her crazy scheme. But what happens when the charade becomes all too real? For his libido and his heart.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Fabulous cover, Debra. I love it. Love the tagline and blurb too!

    1. Thanks...I'm still giddy and grinning from ear to ear! :)

  2. From the research I've done, this exchange with your cover artist is how it's supposed to be done. I LOVE this cover! You should ask for this artist again. If you ever re-release your earlier stories, have her redo the covers. This cover screams brand, IMHO.

    1. I feel the same way, Ana. I'll definitely request her again. I'd been fairly pleased with my original cover artist (who did all of my previous covers) up until the last one. But I'd never had the back and forth give and take like this one. I wonder if it's new TWRP policy or just how this particular artist works....

  3. Debra, I love this cover! It's so clean and refreshing looking and goes really well with the blurb and tag line.

    1. That's one of the things I love about it too! The characters really stand out and give a feel for the story with nothing standing in the background needed!

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