Monday, February 8, 2016

F is for Fun

Ana muses about what aspect of writing is fun.

Since I became a writer, reading is not quite as much fun as it used to be. My internal editor is always lurking, and if activated too many times, will force me to quit reading.  I still swoon over vivid descriptions, fast-paced dialogue, and unexpected plot twists. Maybe it's just that too many easily-accessible e-books are insufficiently edited.

Writing is work. It demands like a day job: butt-in-chair discipline, time away from other interests, brain-straining. Is it fun?

I liked CSA gardening, except when I had to pick baby lettuce with freezing fingers.
I like my soup business, except when a rush holiday order goes missing in shipment, and when I'm on speaker phone hold for an hour and get disconnected just when I reach customer service. Or when I'm held hostage for a forced upgrade of invoicing software.

I like plotting, the scheming of 'then what happens next?'
I like character profiling.
I like re-reading a paragraph that I've polished.

First drafts are work. Second drafts are exciting.
Learning that it's okay to have confidence in my writing is thrilling.
So yes, writing is fun work.
The best kind of work.
The best kind of fun.


  1. Yes, Ana, writing is fun. I thoroughly enjoy what I do as I suspect all writers do or we wouldn't do it. There are the inevitable moments when I tear my hair out, when things are going wrong, when I think I'll never write again, but these are infrequent. Writing is the most pleasurable job anyone could have.

  2. I think there are different kinds of "fun" and I love writing, no matter how much it may frustrate me at a particular time.

  3. Your comment that writing takes the fun out of reading struck a nerve with me. I have always been an avid reader but writing did change that for me also. I love writing and agree that it can and should be fun. But I wanted to enjoy reading just as much. I managed to turn my thinking around by picking up numerous copies of trade books by new (to me) authors in several different genres and turned off my inner editor. Now I'm having fun reading for pleasure again.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you found a way around it, Gail. I also have that problem and really have to push myself to get to a place where I can enjoy it.

  4. I wait for recommendations on books now. Or go to authors
    i know.

  5. I also find it difficult to turn off my inner editor when reading. As for writing, there are times when I really struggle i.e. when it isn't fun at all! Those are the times I have to remind myself that in the end the positives will always outweigh the negative/difficult times.

  6. I agree that sometimes reading isn't as fun as it used to be since I started writing. For me, especially romance, which makes me a bit sad...

    Yep, it's that darn internal editor.

    I do find reading other genres more enjoyable though, which is good since I've expanded my horizons! :)