Wednesday, February 24, 2016

H is for Heroines

Paula likes independent and intelligent heroines.

Gone are the days (I hope!) when heroines in romance novels were wimps or naïve virgins, waiting for the alpha heroes to seduce and dominate them. Not my scene at all. I want my heroines to be independent and intelligent women. They don’t:

(a) think they’re ‘incomplete’ without a man, but they do find joy in loving and being loved.

(b) want to dominate or be dominated, but consider themselves equal.

(c) seek to ‘tame’or change a man, but accept him as he is.

(d) think of themselves as someone’s ‘other half’, but want to bring to the relationship their whole self, and they want their man to do the same.

They want a relationship with mutual respect, caring, understanding and, of course, love. Of course, they’re not perfect – they may have their inner insecurities and/or they make mistakes, but they’re prepared to admit to these and do whatever they can to put things right.

All my heroines commit themselves, heart and soul, to the men they love – and at the same time, they learn more about themselves as they struggle to overcome the problems which threaten to keep them apart.


  1. Comment from Awen (who couldn't get Blogger to accept her comment, so I'm doing it for her!)
    Wonderful. I like the heroines to be real people that I can relate to. Rather like myself, not rich high flyers or dumb and not a lot upstairs. The heroes can be teachers office workers, or a slightly more unusual career etc, none of the fancy (or fantasy) Count or Billionaire types that Mills and Boon used to sell (Do they still sell those?) I like a genuine love story that may start with friendship, but never with hating the Hero until they discover they love him on the last few pages. I like an attraction and a growing together, even if there is a misunderstanding along the way that casts a bit of doubt, I also like a Happy ending, even if it is one that needs more work in the relationship, but I like to see it build up to love, not just lust or lovey dovey's. The woman has to be sensible, not wet, but by the same token I don't like an arrogant man who treats her shoddily.

  2. Good blog, Paula. I like your list of "don'ts"