Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Waiting Game

Much of a writer's life involves waiting.

We wait to get an idea. We wait for a response to our query. We wait for the offer of a contract. We wait for galleys and covers. We wait for a release date. We wait for that box of books to come in the mail. We wait for reviews. We wait for comments on our blog posts. We wait...well, I think you get the idea.

Right now I'm waiting on several things.

Since I've gone back to work this month I'm waiting for the time and energy to make some headway on my WIP.

I sent corrections in on a galley and am waiting for a release date for An Unexpected Blessing.

I'm waiting for the cover of An Unexpected Blessing.

Once I have a cover and a release date I can set up a blog tour and order promotional items, but for now, I'm waiting on those, too.

I'm waiting to hear back on the full of "This Feels Like Home" which was sent to TWRP in June. The editor said I'd hear back from her no later than the end of September, so we're getting close on that one.

I'm waiting to hear back on the full of "Family Secrets" which was sent to Harlequin. I'll be waiting a while on this as it just got into the mail a couple of weeks ago and response time is around three to five months.

And for now I'll be waiting for your comments on my post!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Yup, it always feels like "hurry up and wait!" Right now, I'm waiting for the kids to go back to school so I can write! And of course, waiting on agents. For someone without a whole lot of patience, I sure picked an interesting career!

  2. ihave been waiting for work to quiet down and that time is getting close'so I have time to write. Been thinking a lot about it. Waiting after I submitill be a challenge-

  3. Sometimes I feel as if I'm waiting for my muse to return from vacation!
    At the moment I'm waiting for my cover art for my November release - Gemini, the artist, is working on it right now, so hopefully I'll only have to wait a few more days!

  4. Jennifer...see? And I went back to school and now I have LESS time to write! Good luck getting things done when your kiddies go back!

    Ana...You've been so busy this summer. I hope things settle down soon so you can get some writing done!

    Paula...waiting for covers is so hard. I've never been disappointed yet, but I always get that quiver in my tummy when I see that e-mail in my box.

  5. I've been waiting for the builders to finish up so I could get back to work on my WIP. Now they've gone I have no excuse but to get on with it! x

  6. Yep, there's a lot of waiting going on, Debra. I've had a funny month of waiting for different things.I waited for my TWRP release of 3rd Aug, then waited for my (crooked cat- the Beltane Chocie)release tomorrow- about which I can't tell you how excited I am- but I'm selfish, too, in that I'm waiting to get back to properly writing my WIPs. They've been seriously neglected in all the promo stuff and family stuff :-)

  7. Suzie...nope! No more you need to get to it! Happy Writing!

    Nancy...I love release days! Congrats on yours. And good luck with your WIPs, too!

  8. Hope your wait is over soon. I feel your pain :o) xx