Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to Friday Friend, Susan Meier

Heroine’s with Heart was one of the blogs I chose for my ‘tour’ for the release of NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS because if ever there was a heroine with heart, it’s Tory Bingham.

Tory was a pretty, bright college student when she and her fiancé were in a motorcycle accident. After five years of surgery she’s finally as “back to normal” as she will ever be and she has to get a job. Her leg is still misshapen. She has no skills. After years of being bogged down with surgeries and therapies, she’s lost most of her friends…and, she believes, her social skills. But she gets out into the world and real life because she has to. Though she’d like nothing better than to lay in her bed and cry, she gets up and goes on.

I seriously think this is the reason most of us love being women.

I mean it. Men have their good traits, don’t get me wrong. But women are that Southern-Belle strong that throws people for a loop and pops up when most needed. We get things done.

I have to do lists and calendars for everything from my books and PR for those books, to housecleaning and shopping (2  lists. One for mall shopping. One for groceries J) and family stuff.  With eleven kids in my family we even have a separate birthday/anniversary calendar that we publish yearly. Done, incidentally, by the women in the family.

Women send out the sympathy cards and bake the ziti when somebody dies. Women call the family when someone is taken ill. We iron – as opposed to tossing our top in the dryer and hoping it comes out unwrinkled. When we see someone sad, we ask, “What’s wrong?” or we figure out a way to make them laugh. We don’t look at somebody and say, “Oh, it’s too bad they’re unhappy.” We try to make it right.

And basically that’s what happens with Tory. When she gets the job as nanny for Chance Montgomery’s twins, she realizes living with someone means she can’t just mind the babies when the scandal that sent Chance away fifteen years ago still haunts him. When she sees he’s unhappy, she talks through his confusion, teaches him things about raising kids that he wouldn’t have figured out on his own--

And falls in love.

Because that’s the other thing women do. We love.

Some days I envy the fact that my husband can walk right by a sink full of dirty dishes or a dusty end table without even noticing.  I envy his total disregard for what others think of his wardrobe (and I use the term wardrobe loosely since elastic waist shorts and T-shirts comprise most of what’s in his closet and cabinets). But any day of the week I’d still chose being a woman.

We’re sensitive, compassionate and strong. We’re all truly heroines with heart. What could be better than that?

I’d love to hear your stories of Heroine’s with heart in your life. I’ll give one poster a copy of THE TYCOON’S SECRET DAUGHTER and one poster a $10 Amazon gift card.

Susan Meier's book, NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE'S TWINS, is now available. THE TYCOON'S SECRET DAUGHTER was released in June. You can follow her on Twitter at


  1. Hi Susan, thanks for being our guest today. I love your post and how you describe the strength of women. So nice to have you here!

  2. Susan, thanks for being with us today. It's nice to 'see' you again. At Chicago-North's Spring Fling Conference earlier this year I sat in on your sectional "Can This Manuscript Be Saved?" Awesome stuff! I have pages and pages and pages of notes. Definitely one of the best sectionals of the day.

    I am chuckling about women doing everything in the family. If it weren't for me, none of my husband's siblings, nieces, nephews, or parents would ever get a Christmas or birthday present!

  3. Ha, Debra, I tell my husband that the reason he married me is so he'd never have to worry about that stuff again.

  4. Very "nail on the head" post. Women do have traits that seem to be inbred or genetic.
    The paragraph...Women send out sympathy cards, etc...
    tells it all.
    I'm lucky I remember my birthday.
    Thanks for a great post and though ti may sound sarcastic (its not)...their best trait is putting up with the man they love...How my wife has done it for 33 years is a mystery.

  5. Great post, Susan - which made me wonder ... if women are heroines with hearts, what are men? Hmm, will have to think about that one!

  6. You are so right about those husband and wife differences. I cringe at the thought of someone coming over when the house is a mess, yet the DH thinks nothing of it.

    I try not to be judgmental, but have been known to tell him when his clothes don't look right for certain occasions.

    Cute cover, by the way! I loved your workshop at Spring Fling. It was very informative.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. My husband reminds me of our anniversary. For some reason, it sneaks up on me each November 5th. Or is it the 6th? I cannot remember. (Would Freud have fun with this?)
    I try to forget my birthday.
    I do the laundry and the dishes, the grocery shopping and the vaccuming. I change the kitty litter and replace the toilet paper.
    He can remember important dates.

  8. You'd remember your anniversary here in the UK if it was Nov 5th, Ana, as that's what we call Bonfire Night - tradition going back to 17th century.
    And as today is my birthday, I'd rather not be reminded of how old I am (although my daughter is already planning a 'big' one next year - one of the '0' ones, which I'd rather forget)
    Love your list of the things you do!

  9. Good morning, ladies and gentleman!

    sorry I was MIA yesterday...lost DSL service. I'm visiting my sister-in-law in the boonies (truly the boonies) and I was at the mercy of the fates.

    I love the CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED workshop that I gave in Chicago. I try to give it online once I year to REMIND MYSELF of all the things I know but sometimes forget to use. LOL

    Will draw the winner for the gift card and book!


  10. WINNERS!


    Debra St. John won a copy of THE TYCOON'S SECRET DAUGHTER



    Morgan Mandel won the $10 Amazaon gift card!

    WINNNERS PLEASE EMAIL ME THROUGH SUSANMEIER.COM. (The addy Heroines with Heart has is an old one that I no longer check!) So ...

    Go to CONTACT SUSAN and email me through my webpage with your snail mail addy (Debra) and the email addy to use for Amazon (Morgan).

    Thanks for the fun posts. Sorry about my DSL

  11. Awesome post Susan and SO TRUE! Women are the caregivers of the world.