Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten Sentences

This is a bit of a crazy week for me. My older daughter is away in California with her grandparents and my younger daughter is taking full advantage of her “only child status.” Which means that I’m running around entertaining her and making her feel special—I don’t mind, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to myself. And therefore, things like blogs suffer. So, with apologies, I’m taking the easy way out and showing off 10 sentences from my latest manuscript, The Seduction of Esther. It’s a contemporary Jewish romance that takes place around the holiday of Purim (a holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jews of Persia by Queen Esther, herself a Jew). One of the themes of Purim is hiding one’s identity (Esther didn’t actually tell her husband she was Jewish until she revealed the plot against the Jews), and that’s a great theme for a romance. These sentences show when the heroine meets the hero. The manuscript is currently out looking for an agent—wish me luck and let me know what you think!

Her goal—the potatoes; the multitude of delicious sights and smells distracted her and she squeezed and smelled her way through the narrow aisles toward the back of the store.


Samara whipped her head up as a deep voice interrupted her thoughts of baked potatoes au gratin.  A tanned hand reached for her arm, its fingers long and square with clean nails.  They pressed against her arm, just firm enough for her to feel their warmth. Her gaze traveled up his arm, from the wrist. A light dusting of dark hair peeked from beneath the cuff of a starched, white shirt. Her eyes continued their way up to the biceps that filled out the sleeve. She continued across the broad expanse of chest, up a tanned throat, over a chiseled chin darkened by five o’clock shadow, past soft lips, around flared nostrils and into blue eyes. Slate-blue eyes twinkled at her.


  1. I wish I were an agent, Jen.
    Then I wouldn't have to wait to find out more...

  2. Then I wish you were an agent too! :)

  3. Nice! I want more....

    Good luck with agent hunting. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

  4. My blog has suffered all summer. Don't feel bad!

  5. Good luck with the agent!
    In one of my WIPs the hero and heroine meet in a store too! Maybe we're starting a trend!

  6. Thanks, everyone! And Paula, it's either a trend, or we write when we're hungry. :)