Sunday, August 26, 2012

Joining the 21st Century

I did it! I have Kindle on my new tablet.
Actually two younger, smarter, naturally tech-wired people did it. Katie, a garden co-worker, set it up. Monica, my daughter, activated it and downloaded a novella by fellow RWA Scriptscene member, Pepper Phillips, called Unconditionally.
I've been shown how to play with the background color, and contrast, but I think I'll leave the settings as they are, for now.
It will take some repetitious to get comfortable with this device. But I'll be able to read romances that have been inaccessible. And I'l get comfortable with e-books, just in case I elect to self-publish my WIP.
I'm excited.
I've joined the 21st century.


  1. Way to go Ana!

    I got my Kindle for Christmas last year and I love it. I still read mostly 'traditional' print books, but I've downloaded lots of books from fellow TWRP writers. And it's a great way to read e-books I've won from visiting various blogs.

    It's so awesome for vacations: instead of packing a dozen books, I just toss my trusty Kindle in.


  2. Enjoy you new 'toy', Ana!
    I got my Kindle about a year ago, and I love it. I've read far more books than I ever did before (especially friends' books), and it's so much easier than reading on the computer.

  3. So many of our Friday Friends, and you, my fellow blogmates, publish e=books. How fun it will be to read on demand! I will read more. The local bookstores don't stock many romances, and when I order, I have to pay shipping.

  4. It's so much cheaper to buy e-books! And they don't take up yet more shelf-space!

  5. I love reading e-books when I want to try a new author because it's so much cheaper, and my library doesn't always stock the newest romances. Welcome to the 21st Century, Ana!