Monday, January 17, 2011

Demon Words & Over Usage of the little Critters!

Ha ha, I thought today’s post would be easy.

“Just” waffle on about over usage of specific words. 

“But”, as soon as the laptop fired up my mind went blank. 

“Apparently” that’s not uncommon,

“Because”, when under pressure with looming deadline and not a word down on screen, the very thought “just” plunged my brain into freeze frame.

 “But”, with a little effort I’ll “just” try to point out over usage of specific little demon words. Can’t be that difficult can it, “because”, “apparently” they crop up so often they’re easy to spot when revising and editing.

“But”, “just" when the ms is looking good, and the demons are thin on the ground, up pops another one.

It’s “just” the hazard of being a writer, I guess, “because”, in reality we all have wordy demons to contend with. “But”, I don’t think I overuse same words too often, do you? 


  1. This brought a Monday morning smile to my face, Francine! 'Just' is one of mine, too!

  2. I think we all do it that's why that word check/edit that Paula sent to us would be so handy.

  3. But is my demon word. It is so expressive in conversation, but tedious in dialogue.
    Great post, Francine.
    Paula, my computer wouldn't let me use that website. I'm sure there are others, but....

  4. Great post Francine.

    'Because' today is a holiday here I was 'just' spending some time writing, 'but' had to stop for a moment so I could read your post, which 'apparently' is going to make me take a closer look at my writing for the day.

    Thanks for the smile!

  5. I just tried my latest chapter on the site and was shocked to see words feauring there that I didn't even realise I over-used!

  6. Hi,

    So glad I brought a smile to faces on a Monday!

    Wait until we get to pet hates. I'm itching to tell you all about "the word" that caused me to fling a book at the wall. Not only did the author over use the damn word, it's one of those words too oft used in romance novels: a cringe worthy word, which made it in to my little black book! I have sworn never to resort to this particular word.


  7. Ooo, can't wait to hear what that word is, Francine!

  8. 'But' I 'just' hope it isn't one that I use 'because' that would cause you to fling my book at the wall 'apparently'!