Thursday, January 6, 2011

Set the Bar High

Okay, in respect to my writing career, I'm going to aim high in the coming year. I have several things I'd like to accomplish: (Listed here in no particular order.)

Finish my WIP and submit it to my editor at Wild Rose by the beginning of August. This would complete a trilogy I've dreamed about writing ever since I first decided I wanted to "write one of those romances some day" when I was back in high school. I am (according to our fabulous work in progress counter here on our site) 36% of the way there. Over Christmas vacation I made a mini goal to write everyday. I did. Now that school is back in session, I'd still like to continue to strive to do that. Especially since I'm on a little bit of a roll with my story.

Write a short Christmas story to submit to Wild Rose by March to hopefully be considered for the holidays this year. This would give me a release in the current calendar year, which would be a great follow up to the two I had in 2010. Kind of a "let's keep the ball rolling" kind of thing. I had hoped to get a lot of this story written over break, since the holiday season was in full swing, but I got side-tracked by my other manuscript. Hopefully I can coax a revival of the Christmas Spirit into January and February.

Persue publication with a "big name" publisher. On the advice of a very trusted writing colleague (a professional in the business), I'd like to submit a completed manuscript I have to a mainstream publisher.

In order to reach these large goals, I'll be setting some little ones along the way, like writing every day, researching some of those "bigger" pulishing names, and maybe breaking out the Christmas music again in a couple of weeks!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Hi,

    That's a lot of kicking of the writing ball and hammering of the keyboard, but once a goal is there in your sights why not score as many as you can. ;)

    Fingers crossed and good luck on the mainstream front!


  2. Best of luck with your goals, Debra - look forward to hearing how you have achieved them all!

  3. Thanks ladies! I keep getting snatches of story coming to me at all times of the day, so I'm keeping a notebook close at hand. I'm planning on scoring big!