Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting it right in 2011

First off, as you can see, I'm wearing the fashionable crinckle look dunce hat for today because I forgot to post on Monday: great start as a newbie around here!

Anyhoo, writing goals for 2011. Hmmm, what are they? 

I guess:

1)      Complete a sequel to historical novel written 2010, simply because I love this period in history, plus secondary characters from the first novel screamed for their love story to be told.
2)      Try to secure a publishing deal for at least one of three contemporary romance novels languishing on a pen-stick.
3)      Keep bashing at literary agents’ doors: the present one I’ve hammered on still firmly padlocked.
4)      Pray a December 2010 subbed mainstream romantic suspense comes up trumps.
5)      Failing all the above self-publish my own work 2012. 

Any-which-way authors are expected to contribute time and effort to Internet/radio/articles etc., re promoting and advertising their own wares, so what’s the difference in time ratio of going it alone?  I would rather the novels read than left archived on a pen-stick.




  1. I see Debra and Francine have very positive goals. Go for it ladies and I wish you both every success.

    Sorry to be tardy in posting - only arrived back yesterday and today have the dreaded jet leg.

  2. These are great goals, Francine! Be ready when the stars align. I hear the publishing track moves fast.

  3. Great goals, Francine - good luck with them all.
    The whole question of self-publishing is interesting. I think it'll become more common, but I still have my reservations about it.

  4. Francine, great goals! Setting something specific with a specific timeframe is supposed to really get you going...good luck! We all have our fingers crossed for you.

  5. Great set of goals Francine, good luck with all of them :-)