Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let me Count the Ways

Why do I want to be published?
I love how I feel when the words flow, when I find ones that convey precisely what I want to say.
I appreciate how I've learned to accept, even savor, praise from others for my word-slinging. I value myself more than before I became a writer.
I'd giggle all the way to the bank if I earned money from my prose
I've learned things during my lifetime--some the hard way. I hope to weave those insights into my work, a bit here, a dribble there.


  1. Hi Ana,

    Hee hee, bet you'd do more than giggle all the way to the bank!

    I don't think there's a writer alive (dead) who has never drawn on personal experience to convey character emotions and aspects of human interaction. We can observe, we can listen, but we cannot know what another person truly thinks or feels, but we know how we feel when or if confronted with similar events that may cause sense of trauma and angst etc.

    When writer's claim in interviews that nothing about their characters reflect any part of them, you know that isn't strictly true. It's a known fact that when someone is drunk any mask they normally hide behind will fall away and reveal the real person: violent, giggle-a-minute, joker, or manic depressive. So too writer's have a natural mask, their writing their outlet of being drunk on words! Some drunk on both, as was Dylan Thomas. ;)


  2. I agree that we all draw on certain aspects of our own experiences at times but that doesn't mean that our characters are a projection of ourselves and our own emotions or reactions to events.
    I've just had a long 'think' about this, and have realised that what I do is project myself into the mind of my character (maybe something like an actor projects him/herself into a role). Therefore, sometimes, my characters can react in a totally different way to the way I might react. That's where imagination comes into it!

  3. I'd love to giggle all the way to the bank writing my prose, but alas, for now I toil mostly for the pleasure of it...and the small, but still welcome, royalty checks every quarter.