Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf?

I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf...we don't have too much of a wolf problem in the suburbs of Chicago...but there are some other things that freak me no particular order:

Birds: They're messy, annoying, have sharp beaks and feet, and it's totally disgusting when they push newborns from the nest to splat on the sidewalk.

Clowns: Whoever thought dressing up in make-up and colorful clothes would be funny was crazy.

Driving at Night in the Rain: Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I am white-knuckled the whole time.

Losing Someone I Love: This one doesn't really need any other explanation.

Dogs: Formerly, I just didn't like them much (I'm not an animal person.) but last weekend I got bit while I was on a walk and now whenever I hear one bark I kind of panic, but I'm hoping this will pass...

Going Somewhere I've Never Been for the First Time: This might be more of an out-of-my-comfort-zone kind of thing, but there it is.

Going to Sleep When My Hubby's Not Home: It's just a little spooky.

Blood: The sight (and sometimes just the thought of it) makes me want to pass out. Which is ironic, because I love vampires!


  1. I'm not a fan of birds when they fly, but I like looking at them. And I love dogs (at least my own). But I agree with you about clowns (although I find them more sad than scary) and I hate going to sleep when my husband's away.

  2. Interesting list, Debra! I guess birds follow Nature's survival of the fittest. We have a mama fox rasising kits under a shed. She'll surely kill some chickens to feed them. Should we drive her away?

  3. Jennifer, Interesting, I've never thought about clowns being sad...I can see that.

    Ana, I do know the bird thing is nature, but it still grosses me out! Your foxes and kits (never knew they were called that! I love learning new things.) sounds like nature up close and in action. Pretty neat.

  4. Clowns have never bothered me, but I know they freak some people out.
    Driving at night in the rain is fairly commonplace here in the UK LOL!
    I admit I'm not a dog lover either, probably due to a childhood experience when a dog chased me and knocked me over. It didn't bite me, but it has made me very wary about dogs ever since.

  5. Driving in the rain at night is so awful. I also don't like going to bed when my hubby isn't home.

  6. Paula, I will definitely be even more wary of dogs from now on.

    Loni, Thanks for stopping by. I am a mess on those rainy nights.