Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nine Things Paula Loves

1. Daffodils – my favourite flowers, because they’re a sign that winter is over and spring is here.

2. The sound of water – whether it’s waves lapping on a beach, breakers crashing against cliffs, or a mountain stream bubbling over rocks and stones.

3. Sunsets – the more fiery, the better.

4. Going out for pub lunches with a small group of friends, where we have a good laugh and quite often put the world to rights!

5. My computer, through which I’ve made so many friends in different parts of the world, people I would never have ‘met’ without the internet.

6. The smell of fresh sheets when I get into bed after the sheets have been washed and dried out on the line outside (instead of in the dryer).

7. Stationery shops and stores – I love the colours of folders, pens, notebooks and paper, as well as all the small items like paper fasteners, tags, and clips.

8. Fish and chips with mushy peas – which, for the benefit of my American friends, means white fish (cod or haddock) fried in batter and real potato chips (not French fries). Mushy peas are not simply ordinary peas which have been mushed; they’re dried marrowfat peas which are soaked overnight and then simmered until they form – well, a mush!

9. Getting to the end of the first draft of a novel. The storyline is complete, no more agonising over what happens next, but time now to go back and revise, edit and polish, which is the part I enjoy most!


  1. I've never heard of mushy peas, Paula. Are they seasoned any special way? The picture looks like thick split pea soup.

  2. I don't think they're the same, Ana. Marrowfat peas are left longer in the pod (on the plant) than the 'new' peas, and then they're dried.
    After being soaked and simmered, they are more like a lumpy porridge consistency than a soup. That sounds horrible, doesn't it, but actually they're very tasty!

  3. I am totally with you on the water. We have a small pond in our backyard and it's my favorite area to relax in.

    I like the smell of fresh sheets,too, but not line-dried...I'm all about the dryer sheets!

  4. I was once told by a clairvoyant that I would live near water, Debra - either by the sea or a lake. But it hasn't happened yet!

  5. I'm going to have to take your word on the peas, Paula. I love sunsets and water too (and I like the sound of rain on my window above my bed). Great list.

  6. Thanks, Jen - and believe me, mushy peas ARE good - I had some today when I went out for a pub lunch!
    My sunset photo, by the way, combined both water and one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen - over Galway Bay, in Ireland, about 5 years ago.