Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Y Is For Yes

Yes: I love to write.

Yes: The romances I read are great, but I’m a good writer and I think I can write as well, or better.

Yes: I am going to write every day, even when the words won’t come, even when they do come and they’re horrible, even when I’m not in the mood.

Yes: I love what I write and I’m going to show it to others. You read, I’ll hide in the bathroom.

Yes: My words are my creation, but they’re not my child. I’m going to seriously consider suggestions that critique partners, beta readers and others suggest (maybe not necessarily my mom, who may love me too much to be critical). Some I’ll make; some I won’t. But I’ll consider all of them.

Yes: I’m going to figure out how to write that darn synopsis. I’m going to pull out my hair, cry with despair and rewrite it more often probably than I did the entire manuscript, but ultimately, I’m going to write it. And show my voice.

Yes: I’m going to write a professional query letter, without any begging or bribing in it. Chocolate is yummy, but not appropriate.

Yes: I’m going to submit to agents and editors.

Yes: I’m going to allow for a wide variety of tastes. I’m going to get rejections and I’m not going to take it personally. I’m going to consider their suggestions and determine whether or not to take them.

Yes: I’m going to continue to submit.

Yes: I got a “Yes”!!!!!!!!

(Yes: I needed a pep talk. Hope you all don’t mind.)


  1. What a great post, Jen. Putting your 'yes'es into print is a powerful affirmation. Repeat the list to yourself whenever you have doubts.
    I'll do the same. I have doubts daily.

  2. Thanks Ana. Just be careful no one sees you muttering to yourself! :)

  3. A great 'yes' list, Jen. Nothing succeeds like the power of positive thinking!

  4. Thanks, Paula, that's what we all need to remember.

  5. You go girl!

    Great list.

    BTW, I have a great synopsis 'formula' if you ever want to take a look. A fellow writer from my local RWA chapter came up with it, and it's fantastic. I never write a synopsis without it.

  6. Yes, yes please. :) I really want that formula. Thanks!

  7. Great post, Jennifer. A 'yes' list like this is what we all need from time to time! I know I certainly do... x