Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did You Know?!

I graduated college in three and half years because I took more-than-the-limit of credit hours each semester my freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

I never call my husband by his real name. I call him "Bubba" and that nickname has stuck. All of our Goddaughters call him that, too. (If I call him "John", it's really, really weird.)

I met my husband at a bar.

I met a friend at that same bar who hooked me up with my local RWA chapter and got me on the road to being a "real" writer. (Golly I miss that bar...a lot of good things happened there.)

I live in a house that's almost 100 years old.

I live in one of the towns I briefly lived in with my parents while growing up. (We moved around a lot.)

I wanted to date, then marry a rock star when I was in high school. (Not a specific one, just any guy with long hair who sang.)

I still read Nancy Drew books.

I am a huge Star Wars geek. (I mean HUGE.) But Luke Skywalker annoys me. I am all about Han Solo. Although I do love Anakin, too.

I am also a big fan of Mickey Mouse.

There you have it. Ten 'secrets' about me!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Han Solo was my guy, too, Debra. I suffered when he was frozen into the slab.

  2. That bar certainly proved lucky for you, Debra! I confess I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies - but I do like Mickey Mouse!

  3. You need to go to that bar more often! My husband was called "Mike" in college, which is where I met him. After we were dating for a while, he asked me to call him "Michael," because that's what his family calls him. I didn't address him by name for 6 weeks (good thing I'm an English major--needed a lot of creative sentences). Now when I hear "Mike," I look around to see who the person is talking about.

  4. Ana...Ah, yes, the carbon freezing was a sad moment in Star Wars lore.

    Paula...Go Mickey!

    Jennifer...the bar has changed names/themes a couple of times, so it's not really the same. It's more of a restaurant now. The downstairs, where we used to dance, isn't open at all anymore. *sigh*