Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nine True confessions

I wish I could tell you I've had nine lovers, but I married young and have been admirably faithful.
So here are nine other things I love:

My children. Two daughters and a son, all above average.
My grandchildren. Three girls and a boy due to arrive in less than a month.
Baking. I make a dynamite cheesecake, but cookies don't always turn out.
Cooking. Feeding people good food.
CSA gardening. Feeding people good food.
A pantry full of canned goods and a freezer full of veggies.
White Collar (but the new season better have good plots.)
Old episodes of Dr. Who.
Romance movies and books.


  1. Great list, Ana - and so many linked to food (both growing and cooking). Not heard of White Collar, but the early seasons of Doctor Who were compulsive viewing in our house - even though my daughter hid behnd the settee! She also screamed blue murder when we went to a Dr Who exhibition and a Dalek came round the corner. Even now, 30+ years later, she has a phobia about the Daleks!

  2. Dr. Who is amazing. It's run so long with changes in lead and still uses real sets and actors.

  3. I remember when it first started with William Hartnell, and then Patrick Trougton and John Pertwee. I think the old episodes were much better than the later ones. Can't quite decide who my favourite Dr Who was!

  4. We like Dr. Who here too, but for me the scariest ones are the angel statues that move when you blink. I never saw the old ones, just the new ones. Great list, Ana! Oh, and looking forward to hearing about the new baby.

  5. Ana,

    Great list...and definitely let us know when that new baby arrives!

    And I oh so love a good romantic movie...many times I can get the hubby to watch, too, do that's a double bonus!