Monday, May 9, 2016

S is for Shock and Surprise

Ana is stunned. But not speechless. Thank goodness.

      Nine days ago, I entered a pitchfest hosted by the Hearts Through History chapter of RWA. I'd just received their newsletter and read the announcement of the event, which ended at midnight.
                                  Post your first 200 words for publishing editors to read.
     I'd labored over the first chapter of Stormy for three years. It had helped me place in contests and earned me scathing criticism. A simple copy, paste and post might not help, but it couldn't hurt. So I did, expecting nothing.
This arrived last Wednesday:

Hi, Ana!
I am excited to inform you Theresa Cole from Entangled has requested your FULL manuscript of Stormy Hawkins
Please upload to this website, and request Theresa Cole. Put requested HTH submission.
Jennifer Bray-Weber
HHRW Chapter President

I was shocked. The final five chapters aren't written. 
So that's what I'm doing now. Feverishly. Crit loop friends are rallying 'round and sending scenes back practically as fast as I write them. 

The surprise is that my hubby, who has always doubted my ability to finish the story (he doesn't understand rejections and rewrites), is now my in-house cheerleader. 

I thought I'd self-publish this story. And I will, if Entangled rejects it.
But while I rush toward The End, my hopes are high.


  1. Yay, congrats! Will keep everything crossed for you - and for Stormy!

  2. That's so exciting! Congratulations and wishing you the best of luck!

  3. Oh, Ana, how exciting. I'm also keeping everything crossed for you.

  4. Thanks!
    The time before this, when I sent Stormy to a contest, it was ripped to shreds by two of the three judges. Especially the opening lines. Go figure.

  5. Congratulations, Ana! What a wonderful surprise for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted! We'll have fingers and toes and everything else crossed.

    What a great support group you have to rally around you at this time.

  6. Thanks, Debra!
    I'm working on it right now. Just incorporated some feedback.

  7. It's amazing how different people catch different things. With six or seven crits, a chapter is pretty well polished.