Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Hopping

When I first started out, I tried to visit every blog that came over a post in one of my loops. I wanted to support other authors, but in a selfish way, I wanted to get my name out there, too. I figured if I was posting all over the place, people would start to recognize my name, and I thought if I posted a comment on an interview another author had given, they might be kind enough to post one on mine.

Unfortunately, I found that wasn't usually the case. In fact, I did a blog tour earlier this year to promote WILD WEDDING WEEKEND, and got very few "outside" commenters. I got lots of people from my local RWA chapter and people from my two regular blogs, but not too much other traffic in most cases (not all, but most). It was a little disappointing, especially since I made it a point to post to my loops that I was guest blogging or being interviewed on a given day.

Now, in the interest of time, I find that I am simply not able to post on every single link that comes through. I'd neer get any writing done or have much of a life. So I pick and choose. If it's someone who's hosted me in the past, I go right to it. I also look at the topic titles in the subject line, and that helps decide me, too.

I do have blogs I check on a daily basis, and I always leave a comment if there's a new post. These blogs are the ones who were kind enough to host me this past Spring on my blog tour. (And of course I check in with the blogs I participate in - here at Heroines with Hearts and at the Acme Authors Link.)

Nine Naughty Novelists

Sharon Donovan Wednesday Spotlight

Dayana Knight Author Spotlight

Emma Lai Writes

Terry’s Place

Double M

KMN Books

Elaine Cantrell's Blog

Joanna Aislinn’s Blog

Tess Quinn: Writers on Writing

Just Write with Anne Marie Novark

Rachel Brimble’s Blog

Also, if I see these folks 'visiting' anywhere else, I try to pop in and at least 'wave hello'. I also have links on my web-site to any blog interview or guest post I've done.

In this way, I feel like I'm building a few strong releationships, rather than running myself ragged trying to build a million weak ones.

Until next time,

Happy Writing (or blog hopping)!



  1. Practical advice, as always, Debra. Blogging builds relationships and presence slowly--but surely.

  2. It sures seems slower on some days than others!

  3. Agree that it's better to build a smaller number of strong contracts rather than a mass of weak ones! And our Friday Friendshas helped me to start building up some strong ones, so it's definitely worth continuing with that.
    But just another thought - is it possible to OVER-promote yourself? No names mentioned but I see at least one writer who regularly posts (and re-posts) the same blurb and excerpt on various blogs and yahoo groups. It doesn't make me want to buy the book, it just starts irritating me after a time as I think 'Not again!' LOL