Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogs and websites

I don’t visit any blogs regularly, apart from Margaret’s Lark Journals, and also the recently created blog (linked to the Classic Romance Revival yahoo group) which I have just joined.

My main writing contacts are through various yahoo groups which I have joined. Of course, there’s a lot of promo in these groups, but I do try to visit some of the blogs where people I have got to know are being interviewed or are blogging. I also try to leave a comment on these. As Margaret has said, you have to support your friends and hope that they will also support you.

Topics that come up on the yahoo groups are sometimes interesting; others don’t interest me at all. For example I’m not into Regency stories, since a lot of them tend to be ‘modern stories in costume’ and paranormal/fantasy doesn’t do anything for me either, so I don’t follow (or contribute to) the discussions about these.

I don’t visit any websites regularly either. If I have time, I look at the websites of some of the authors on the yahoo groups, some of which are very impressive – especially compared with my own feeble effort. But I can’t afford a professional web-designer at present!

Last but not least, I enjoy our blog because it makes me think about topics I might otherwise not think about, and examine, sometimes clarify, my own attitudes and thoughts.


  1. I'm finding I was procrastinating when I spent time at blogs and websites. If I wrote as prolifically as you, Paula, I wouldn't do much web cruising either. Our blog, though, does for me exactly what you just wrote. It's the most important vehicle for me right now to upgrade my attitudes and opinions on writing--and to believe I will be published.

  2. I do like being on a "digest" format for my loops. That way I only read the e-mail that appeal to me. (So, a catchy subject line is a must!)

    Ana, I found I was also spending too much time on the web, so now I limit my time. I also have a laptop that doesn't have Internet access, so when I'm writing, I'm not tempted to 'browse' for a little while.

  3. You said the right thing there, Ana - believe you will be published. Don't doubt it, believe it. I've seen enough of your writing to know that you write very well, so believe in yourself, and you will convince an editor to believe in you too!

  4. I'm on digest too, Debra, for most of mine, so can ignore the emails that don't appeal. And what a good idea to have a laptop with no internet access. I've just diverted from writing to have a quick look here! Then I'll have a look at my emails and then at Facebook - oh, it's too easy to get diverted!