Monday, September 6, 2010

My Editing Process

I try to write a coherent first draft. Then I start back at the beginning and read through looking for plot holes and character corrections. I insert more deep POV, which tends to elude me at first.
I go through again searching for repeated phrases, and eliminating unnecessary 'that's and 'which's. I read out loud for cadence, for back loading, using as many Margie Lawson's power tips as I can remember.
Then I share with my CP, and with my FTHRW crit group. They'll find things I've missed, or question things that I'll decide to defend or change.


  1. Two questions, Ana - what do you mean by 'back-loading'? And what are Margie Lawson's power tips please?

  2. Taking one thing at a time and doing many rounds of edits seems like the way to go.

  3. Yes, I would be interested in knowing what back-loading is, Ana.