Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Visiting Blogs

Margaret is away this week, visiting cousins in Wales, and has no access to a computer so she sent me her blog to post for her:

I try to visit the blogs of my friends on Facebook, and to leave a comment. I also try to support my companions on www.larkjournals.blogspot.com and of course here at Heroines with Hearts.

If you support your friends, they will come and support you. It’s important to do this and also you can see some very good blogs and this can give you ideas for your own.

Visiting sites for help with writing? I don’t tend to do this. Neither do I read help guides on writing. This is just my quirk and I know people who find these kinds of things extremely helpful, but I have been ploughing my own furrow for too long to change now. I don’t like to be influenced by anyone’s ideas on what I should and should not be doing. Writing is a pleasure, too much studying about “how to write” can make it a pain. However, that is just my personal preference.

Visiting authors’ websites can be very rewarding. I like to know what makes writers tick and what inspires a person to be a writer. It’s good too, to compare websites. Some are really good and others leave something to be desired. I am very fortunate, my website is designed by a professional web person. I love what she did for me and I treasure her expertise.

The most important thing though – whether looking at blogs or searching for advice, is not to forget who you are. Never lose your individuality. You need to stand out from the crowd not be part of it!


  1. Excellent advice, Margaret. Your individuality is your own personal 'voice' - the writing that comes from somewhere deep inside you. Not because you simply want to published or write a best-seller (eat your heart out, JK Rowling!), not because you want to submit a 'perfect' MS, but simply because writing is as much a part of you as breathing. 'I write therefore I am' (to misquote Descartes!)

  2. Great advice Margaret. It's always important to support those near and dear to you. And staying true to yourself is just as important.

  3. I love reading the comments of friends and followers of our visiting authors. We all have supportive communities all over the world, and this network is wonderful.