Sunday, September 19, 2010

What do I join?

I am a member of RWA. I am also a member of RWA-affiliated Midwest Fiction Writers (based in Minneapolis), and From the Heart Romance Writers, an online group.

I am also a member of the Jackpine Writers, a local group that supports regional writers and poets by publishing The Talking Stick, an annual book of creative non-fiction, short stories, and poetry. I have served on the editorial board for two issues. This was where I was first published, discounting a self-published cookbook and innumerable essays in my CSA newsletters.

Have these associations benefited my career? I feel most everything I read about the craft of writing and the publishing industry helps in some way. Knowing others are going through the same ups and downs that I experience makes me believe I, too, can succeed.


  1. You are lucky having local writers' groups as I don't know of anything similar near me. My only contact with other writers (apart from Margaret!) is via the internet.

  2. Having a local group, where we could sit around a table, talk, and share cups of tea would be heavenly.

    Minneapolis is 4 hours away, too far for me to regularly attend MFW's monthly Saturday meeting. Their annual conference is this weekend; I always work this weekend--a huge craft show that pays lots of bills. Sigh.

    Online groups are wonderful, but they take some time to feel at home. So is email. We can do the "impossible"--exchange information and build friendships a world away.

  3. I agree, Ana...networking with fellow authors is invaluable. And it is nice to know there's a 'been there done that' contingent out there to give us support and encouragement when we need it.

  4. Sorry, I misunderstood, Ana - didn't realise you were so far from Minneapolis!

  5. It can be useful to have a writing group nearby. I belong to a group but we only meet every three months (and often I can't get there because the venue isn't convenient).However, it is more social than educational.