Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do I join

I belong to countless groups via the internet. Quite often you see useful tips and information and it can let you know about any new publishers.It also gives you the advantage of being able to publicise your latest novel.

For many years I have been a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, they have an online group which can be very useful. If you have a query people will often try to solve it for you. They produce a thrice yearly magazine which is interesting. It's good to see pictures of fellow writers in there. This means you can recognise people if you go to a meeting.

I find the Romantic Novelists very kind and supportive, they were wonderful to me when I lost my husband. You can't buy friendship like that. Also they are supportive of new writers and you never get any jealousy or nastiness. Everyone is happy when someone achieves success. I really like that.


  1. Does the RNA have sub-set specialty groups? Here, we have Sisters in Crime, Future and Paranormal, and other on-line genre groups, as well as local/regional groups.

  2. No, we are all romantic novelists be we into chick lit, or romantic suspense. Crime writers generally have their own organisations. It is very different from RWA.
    As I said we do have meetings a couple of times throughout the year but these are generally social. Plus we have a conference in July as well as other things going on for all members, but as these are held in London I seldom attend.

  3. This has reminded me that I must join the online group of the RNA! Yet another 'get around to it' job!

  4. Support is important.

    Although there are days I simply can't keep up with my loops. Not with a full-time-non-writing job.

  5. That's true, Debra, you coud be all day reading the stuff coming from all the groups.
    I have to go no mail when I am going away other wise my computer would explode, but it's amazing what useful tips you pick up.
    Pauline, yes you must join the online group.