Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Friend: Vonnie Davis!

I love Aretha Franklin’s song, Respect. Perhaps, because as an unpublished writer, I get so little respect. “Oh, you write? Are you published?” When I reply that I’m not, the inquiring person smirks or raises his or her eyebrows or simpers, “Oh, really….” In some cases, the person does all three. Every time that happens, I squirm and simmer.

Being published does not make one a writer. If you write, either by putting pen to paper or kissing the computer keys with your fingertips, you are a writer, a storyteller, a conduit of information and an artist of words. Take pride in your craft.

Does a student need to be graduated before his or her instructor is called a teacher? Does a politician need to pass a bill before he or she is truly a politician? In like manner, a writer does not need to publish before he or she is a writer.

What makes us writers? For many of us, writing is something we need to do. The process beguiles us, compels us, niggles at our guts and invades our dreams. Quite simply, we enjoy it. Granted, writing frays our nerves at times when we can’t find the right words to convey what is playing out in our minds or when our characters suddenly behave contrary to how we’d envisioned. But the creative energy that dwells within our souls hungers to produce characters, to design worlds and to craft stories. In so doing, we write.

Last night I had the pleasure of e-mailing my 83,000+ word contemporary romance manuscript to my agent. I’d e-mailed her a query and first chapter in July. She responded with a contract of representation. I am entering the next phase of my life as a writer. No, I am not published, but have no doubt about it, I am a writer—and damned proud of it.

Write on!! Vonnie Davis

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  1. Good luck with your agent!
    What's your book about?

  2. My father-in-law was a most excellent master craftsman of wood and he never sold a piece he made. Was he a carpenter, a wood-worker? Absolutely! We have numerous beautiful pieces of hand-made, well-crafted furniture made and often-times designed by him. May he rest in peace. If one writes, one is a writer. Psst...I also cook, but...ask my children!

  3. Thanks Charmaine! Ana, you asked what my book is about. It began with a visual of a woman driving down a country road at night and seeing a man cresting a hill wearing nothing but a Stetson, a pair of boots and a go-to-hell sneer. The woman is a private duty nurse traveling to the hill country of Texas to care for a single mom with leukemia. The man, literally hiding behind his Stetson, is the patient's twin brother. Rachel, the heroine, is also on the run from her abusive ex-fiance. His arrival brings terror to the Triple-S ranch...

  4. Good luck with your novel, Vonnie. And I completely agree with you - you write therefore you are a writer.

  5. Amen to that. Vonnie you write therefore you are a writer. I was an unpubbed for 12+ years and well remember how that felt.

  6. Good luck with the book.I once heard someone on the radio say you're not only a success when you accomplish something, but you're also a success when you try to accomplish something. Therefore, we're all successful writers! How do you like that one?