Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Editing Process

I am in awe of all Ana' efforts. I confess I don't do anywhere near that much editing.

I edit on a daily basis, editing what I did the previous day. This way it keeps the story and characters fresh in my mind. When the novel is finished I leave it for a couple of days and then return. I read and edit as I go along.

There are many excellent "professional" editors out there who have helped me on the way. I don't see myself as an "Editor" The senior editor at Whiskey Creek Press, is a marvel, Marsha Briscoe really knows her job and she misses nothing. I do, I am too rapt up in character and story, the technicalities quite often pass me by.

Perhaps there is no right or wrong way to edit. We are after all individuals, we all work differently. That's why our stories are different!


  1. I agree we each work out a process. Margaret, you are a fabulous writer. You know what to do, and have an editor to work with who knows your style.
    I am an unknown who figures she needs to be tip top to get in the door.
    I took an online deep edit class with Margie Lawson. It was the most demanding class I have ever taken, and I was unprepared with a fully written manuscript. But what she teaches is fabulous, IMO.
    margie says, "Backloading is taking the most important word in your sentence, paragraph, Scene or chapter and placing it at the end."

  2. I think you and I edit in a similar way, Margaret.
    But agree with Ana that, when you're new to the business (or returning to it, like I was), you've got to work very hard on that first MS to get it right.

  3. I agree that you have to do what works for you. And let's hear it for those talented editors at our publishing houses. I don't know what I would do without mine. She is THE best!

  4. Yes, when you are starting out you have to polish and then some. You need the person at the publishing house to like you straight off.

  5. I haven't yet been assigned an editor, so I await (with trepidation) for her edit of 'His Leading Lady'.