Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Promotion Trail

I started on the promotion trail (in hopeful anticipation!) over a year ago, well before I had my first acceptance. The main thing, I decided, was to get my name 'out there' and build up a network of contacts. So I joined various yahoo groups and gradually got to know other writers. I started a facebook page using my pen-name and created a (very basic) web-site.
Last October (yes, we're coming up to the first anniversary) I joined this blog which in turn has led to contact with writers who have visited us as our 'Friday Friends'. I've recently joined another blog, and have also 'guested' on several blogs.
So that's the 'name-game'. What about actually promoting my book? I don't yet have a cover to advertise my book, so it's low-key promotion at present. Once release date comes closer, then it'll get serious.
But what method(s) is/are the most effective? Blog tours, advertising banners, promotional materials such as bookmarks - who knows? Maybe you have to try them all, without ever knowing which, if any, will generate the most sales of your book.
I read recently that the best marketing tool that money can't buy is word of mouth - and all my friends and acquaintances in various parts of the world will definitely be getting that 'word of mouth' from me in the not-too-distant future. If they like my book, maybe they'll tell their friends, who'll tell their friends ... and so on. Here's hoping!


  1. Yes, Pauline, word of mouth can't be beaten, it's the best thing of all. It's a hard game but you are on the right track thinking of trying everything.

  2. Getting your name out there is so important.

    We actually had a program at one of my local RWA chapter meetings called "Word of Mouth Marketing". Fabulous stuff.

  3. I'm sure Whiskey Creek will promote your new release on its website. That's big right there, isn't it?

  4. Not sure what promotion WCP actually do apart from put it on their website. They also send it out for reviews so at least I don't have to do that.